March 21, 2011

these are my confessions...

(and if you're a glee fan, you ::might:: have a certain mash-up stuck in your head now. you're welcome!)

but for real, i have some confessions.

Product Tease
new product tease

this first one? kind of a big one. but here goes. i don't like big cartel. i know, it's like some form of blasphemy, right? but i don't. i tried and tried to like it, but i just couldn't get into the groove over there. sure, it's pretty, but i miss the marketplace of etsy. a lot. so i'm going back. that's right! you can find my shop active in etsy again. a hugs & kisses relaunch, if you will. wahoo! so i'm really, really excited about it all. i even have some new products coming your way (this week and maybe next week too).

my new love interest & another peek at new products

ok, now that the big one is out of the way. here's another. up until about two months ago, i was ironing with a $15 black & decker iron. the stupid thing would automatically turn off every five minutes and the only way to restart it was by unplugging it and plugging it back in. i finally got with the program (and with the help of twitter!) and bought myself a rowenta. it's probably the cheapest one you can buy, but omg, i'm in love. this thing glides over my fabric like butter. and wrinkles? they no longer stand a chance.

a weird confession? when i get nervous/anxious/excited about something, my butt sweats. i know, it's gross. another random confession? i haven't had my hair cut is SIX MONTHS. and one can definitely tell. must put that on my list of things to schedule very soon.

ok, ok, this post is mostly just a light-hearted confessions post. i don't really have anything super heavy to confess. we're getting anxious about having a two year old and infant (cue butt sweat), but mostly, we're taking each day at a time and loving it. and we couldn't be more excited to see how our two boys grow to love each other and become best of friends.

mostly though friends? if you have my shop bookmarked, please update it to the new shop. and stay tuned this week for two new products. you guys are awesome!

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