March 22, 2011

new product reveal: small clutches


it's here, it's here! new product reveal day. you guys saw a little tease yesterday, but today? today i'm here to show you the entire product – small clutches! and there are several options to choose from (with a few more to come later in the week). awesome, right?


these small clutches are great for a night out, or a quick run to the store. really, they're perfect for anything! they hold all the essentials that you need. and if you want to carry a larger purse, just drop one of these in to keep things organized. (or maybe you don't need organization help? maybe you just need something ultra-cute to drop into your larger bags? but i digress...)


you may also notice that i've got a new backdrop set-up going on. i'll be honest, i got tired of the white. sure, it's nice and clean, but i was looking for something a little more dynamic. while we were at jeremy's grandparents house, we went across the street to the original homestead. i'm talking built in the 1800s type of old here. in one of the old barns, we found this awesome old door. and voila! a new backdrop was found. when paired with our gray walls, i think it helps give the photos a little depth while still not taking away from the actual products. so expect to see a lot more of this door in the future!

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