March 15, 2011

big boy bed

over the weekend, we had some time to assemble the lower part of a bunk bed set for cayden's room. (so yes, we decided on the twin size bed. and seeing him in it, i'm so glad we did. he still looks so tiny! but i'm getting ahead of myself.) cayden was a huge help. but the poor kiddo. when i took his sheets off his crib mattress and we started taking it apart, he was so confused. he just walked around with the crib sheet trying to put it back in the crib. too cute.


but back to the big boy bed. he helped in every way he could think of. and duh, one must always lay on their side to get the best angle. plus? the foot in the air? it's all about balance. jeremy finally got the drill out after we realized it would take 548 minutes to screw the bolts in with the allen wrench provided. drill = much faster outcome. and cayden loved helping push the button.


on sunday afternoon, we swung by our local sam's and picked up a twin mattress (there will be more photos of a finished toddler room coming soon). sunday night, we weren't really sure what we should expect in terms of sleeping. but when we told our little guy that it was time to go "night, night," he climbed up into his big boy bed, scooted all the way to the headboard where the pillow was and fell asleep. he stayed asleep for 12 hours. and last night? 11.5 hours. not that he's ever been a poor sleeper, but i'm thinking he might kind of love this new bed. (naptime this weekend might be an entirely different story, but we'll see.)

oh, and cute? for sure. i heard him playing in his room last night before dinner. when dinner was ready, i went to get him. he was sitting in his bed, at the headboard "reading" a book. (adorable, much?) when i asked if he was ready to eat, he leaned over, put his book back on his nightstand, scooted out of the bed and went running towards the kitchen. yeah, i think he's in love.

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