March 20, 2011

22 months!

i'm so glad i get baby center e-mail updates because otherwise? i'd never remember these things. i checked my e-mail earlier today and was like "oh yeah. hey jeremy! cayden's another month older today!" so yay for another month day, sweet babe.


you had an awesome day. we started it out at cracker barrel where you inhaled some pancakes and eggs. mama and daddy wanted to run by home depot to get a closet system for sawyer's nursery. on the way there, daddy remembered that there was a fun little park that has a playground. so we swung by there and let you play for a bit. you're still a little intimidated by some things, but when helped, you're all about it. you fell asleep on the way home from the store and slept an entire 20 minutes. and decided that'd be your nap for the day.

thankfully, you remained tantrum free even with that short nap time.


so we went back outside to play. it's gorgeous weather here in alabama. daddy decided to wash mama's car (which she appreciated SO much). we put last year's swim trunks on you, lathered you in sunscreen and let you go at it. um, little guy? your swim trunks are 12m. they were a little snug, but seriously, you're about to be 2. i think we'll size you up to 18m trunks for this summer; a 2T would swallow you for sure.

it seems as though you've had a vocabulary explosion over the weekend. i kept hearing about these explosions happening and wondered if we'd have one, and sure enough, it's here. you've probably learned at least 20-30 new words just this weekend. and it's so awesome. and the words you know are starting to be formed into sentences. watching you learn still blows our minds in the best way possible.

after we put you to bed (at six tonight!), we just smiled to ourselves. we continue to fall in love with the new toddler version of you more and more each day.

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