February 18, 2011

because his hair...


... really does grow faster than weeds, cayden has now had his third haircut. and we took it super short like his daddy's this time. i have to say, when i first saw it, i wasn't sure what to think. but as the week's gone on, it's really grown (haha!) on me. and because he was just looking so adorably cute this morning, you get these crappy iphone photos. but i mean really, from the disheveled hair to the radiohead tee to the (fake) vans... i mean, cute, right?

and because jeremy and i are bad parents, we've totally convinced ourselves that cayden's already taken all the "cute" genes. we're afraid sawyer just can't possibly be this cute too. i mean, that's like some serious blessings. please tell me we're not the only parents that are (mostly jokingly) afraid their second child isn't going to be as cute. please?

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