February 22, 2011

21 months


dearest cayden,
this past sunday, you turned 21 months old. know what? that's only three months away from your second birthday. (which means only four months until your baby brother gets here – eek!)

it sounds so cliche to say, but your personality has literally exploded over the last couple of weeks. you tell me and daddy all about everything. gesturing with your hands and head. and so many "words" are coming out of your mouth. when they finally all make sense, i'm pretty sure we're going to be in trouble. you are most definitely like your daddy when it comes to having conversations.

speaking of words, we can say something once and you'll repeat it. which is so awesome. and so scary cause sometimes? words come out of mama and daddy's mouth that you probably don't need to repeat. so we're all working on that. the cutest lately though? okie dokie (okie dopie), baby brother (baby brover) and aw man!

you no longer really walk anywhere. you MUST run. or even better? jump. i mean, why walk when you can do one of those two? yeah, it's beyond me too. just this week you've started attempting the stairs like a big boy. since most of our living area is downstairs, we don't go up and down stairs too often, but dude, you're totally getting the hang of it.

we're currently in the process of (very) slowly converting your room to a big boy room. once it's all done, we're pretty sure you're going to love it. we can't decide between a full bed for you (which we already have) or going ahead and just getting you bunk beds. (yes, one day you and your baby brover WILL be sharing a bedroom.)

oh, and mama's favorite new thing you do? you'll grab one of us by the hand and lead us somewhere. like just the other day, i was still sitting on the couch in the rec room and you said, "mommy!" and ran back to me, grabbed my hand and then walked me to the stairs. such a little gentleman already!

cayden, you seriously light up our lives. if either of us has had a bad day, all you need to do is give us one of your goofy faces and that all melts away. we love you more and more every day. and can't wait to see what you show us tomorrow.

i could eat you to pieces, i love you so...

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