January 14, 2011

sick day

yesterday? our little guy was feeling pretty crummy. we rushed into his room when we heard him struggling to breathe and coughing. little dude looked pretty sad too. snot/mucus streaming out of his nose and mouth. it was quite the site. felt his forehead and kiddo was on fire. so, with a temperature of 101, it was most definitely a day to stay at home.


this is kind of extreme for me to realize, but this was probably one of the first days i've gotten to spend at home with cayden all day since he was a teeny tiny thing. i mean, he's hardly ever sick, so he's not often home from school. and on the weekends, we do lots of things together as a family. so while he was sick and a little puny, it was nice to get to spend some one-on-one time with my little man.


we spent most of the day cuddled up to blankets and stuffed animals (him, not me) watching the backyardigans over and over. after i asked cayden if he wanted to watch "one more" episode, he'd continually ask "one mo?" after each one ended. he also learned the phrases "oh no!," "peepee" and "yellow" yesterday. (as a side note, learning peepee and yellow have absolutely nothing in common. although, yes, i could see where you guys might think that.) also? best laundry helper ever!

he seemed to be in much better spirits this morning. but now? i'm missing my cuddle time. and maybe i'm missing the backyardigans too. ok, yeah, no that's not true. but i do miss my little sweetheart.

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