February 28, 2010

under contract

we went out to see the house again today and had our photo taken with our 'under contract' sign. yep, we're dorks like that. and no, that's not our swagger-wagon in the background; we haven't quite made the move to minivan yet {and will most likely never – not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just not for us}.

don't you love our sweet realtor trying to hold the sign in place? it was a tad windy.

we'll be moving in next weekend. you can count on photos from that, too. first up on the agenda? painting the laundry room before the washer/dryer are brought in {should be done sometime friday evening before the big move starts}. that'll be our first before/after segment. {small, but easy for us. plus, we're hoping for a dramatic after with paint colors and whatnot.}

i'm thinking i'd have a headache

so, having the iphone around has made taking short little clips of cayden so much easier (if you hadn't already noticed the influx of video on here lately). and well, being a mac lover, hooking my phone right up to my macbook is SUPER easy. the only problem i run into is the time it takes to upload to youtube. 

"but rebecca, you know you can upload video straight to blogger, right?"

well, duh. but guess what? if i do that, those people on iphones can't actually see the video. totally stupid, i agree. i've learned that embedding the video allows anyone, anywhere to be able to see the videos.

you're welcome.

February 25, 2010

sweet sofie

last night we were able to finally meet sofie, our friend michele's brand new daughter. she slept the entire time we were there (even through a dog barking and cayden squealing with delight at said dog). new babies are just so tiny and precious, and this one was no exception.

and, after witnessing how much cayden l-o-v-e-d michele's dog, sookie, well, i think we might have to look into getting a dog sometime in the future. it'll have to be after we have our yard fenced in... and that might be a good year away. but hey, then cayden could help us pick him out (from the humane society, or a greyhound rescue).

all photography taken by jeremy

February 24, 2010

because the cool kids are doing it

listen, i know there are quite a few readers out there {i stalk people, you know}, so while you're here, do something for me, ok? see that square link for top baby blogs over to the right? click on that for me. it's a site for mommy bloggers and the more votes i get, the more i move up in the polls. right now, i sit at #106 with three whole votes. sigh. i can do better. and the higher i move up in the rankings, the more people might actually look at my blog.

why is that important? i don't know; it just seems like it is. call me vain?

if you don't want to click on the link to the side, you can just click here. oh, and while you're here, just go ahead and follow the blog too. all you have to do is click on 'follow' {also to the right}. and ta-da, you'll be able to see when i've last posted {you can be a stalker too!}.

ok, that's all for now. thanks guys. you're the best.

ETA: all you have to do is click; there's no place to vote. your click is your vote... 

and one more note: click on that bottom banner too. it's similar, but different. again, vain here, remember. (but not really.) i just want other people to enjoy the awesomeness of our life.

making the most of it

even though we have to live another week with the chaos around us, we still find fun things to do in the middle of it all. like trust games. from the top of momma and daddy's mattress. while propped against a wall. you know, normal things:

a small set back

we're not closing on our homes this friday as originally planned. which means we're not moving this weekend either. at first, jeremy and i were both pretty upset about it all, but after a good nights sleep, we're both over the original frustration.

it's nothing on our end causing the delay {thankfully!}. the buyer of our current home ran into a situation with her down payment and it won't be good to go until next week.

tentatively, we're scheduled to close NEXT friday now {march 5} and move the following day. at least it's only a week delay, right? either way, i think living with boxes everywhere for the next week {might} drive me crazy. quite literally. and, my goodness, the cats are going crazy as well. cayden? still the best kid ever.

February 22, 2010

nine months

please, slow down

that's right, cayden. momma's asking you to slow down on this growing up thing, ok? nine month check-up went well this morning.

weight {20 pounds}
height {29 inches}
head {18.25 inches}

and over the weekend, cayden really started cruising around the house. walking before one? i'm betting yes.

and this still happens, of course:

February 17, 2010

pillowcase dresses

while you're at the etsy shop, check out these new beauties:

knit items

head on over to the etsy shop to see these cute knit items:

many thanks to my sweet niece & nephew for modeling

February 15, 2010

finally joining the ranks

i patiently waited until my phone was available for an upgrade. and it's paid off. i'm finally joining the other millions of people out there and getting myself an iphone. so excited. it should be here in 2-3 days. and now i'll be able to take video of the little man without demanding jeremy hand over his phone.

ok people. tell me the best apps and the best covers (i know a lot of them out there break). and, go!

February 14, 2010

car rides

sometimes the car ride home is rough... as evidenced by my lack of sock and the toy around my ankle. but i had a good time. we had lunch with aunt rachel, uncle justin and cousins lexie and ethan. i love those guys.

happy valentine's y'all

apparently you're supposed to eat these things.

new food!

cayden tried egg yolks over the weekend... and loved them! after we picked them up and put them in his mouth, he figured out how to do it for himself.

and i now understand why people have dogs. we had eggs everywhere. literally.

February 12, 2010


someone was so tired this morning that he couldn't even finish a bottle. how cute is it that he just rolled over and curled into his boppy? i'll tell ya how cute it is. very.

February 11, 2010

they countered back

and we're accepting! there are closing costs being provided. and, since this was a model home, they're letting us keep the refrigerator too. (it has one small ding in it, but hey, it's stainless, so that's at least $1000 saved right there!)

we have the inspection on our current home this afternoon at 2:30. as long as all goes well with it, i think it's go time. gah!

here are a few interior shots of the new home (with the current model furniture/props). i'm looking forward to taking photos when it's empty and then putting our touch on the whole house. and i can't tell you how excited i am about the bonus room. finally, a place to put my sewing machine!




February 10, 2010

house update

over the weekend we put an offer in on the "dirty house." we saw it on saturday. loved the floorplan and the yard. went back and saw it again on sunday to look once more. and submitted the offer that afternoon. monday night our realtor called to let us know that the owners were taking it off the market. ugh.

after looking at a few homes yesterday, we went back to this one neighborhood that we've loved forever. and we'd actually looked at this home last fall. and well, we decided that it just might be the one (considering everything else was going so, so wrong). we're going to write up an offer on it tonight.

it's a brand new build. if all goes well and we close on our current home on february 26, we should be able to close on the new home that afternoon and move on in.



February 5, 2010

just because...

... a few years back, 30 rock had a valentine's-themed episode. and it quickly became a favorite of mine and jeremy's. since then, we hardly ever say "valentine's" anymore. the 30 rock way is just so much better!

ear infections

cayden has yet another double ear infection. geez, kid. let's slow down on those, ok? we recognized the signs this time (yay us!). it seems like there's something new to come along with each ear infection though.

the very first one he had, we had no clue. except for an annoying cough. we thought he had a cold. nope, double ear infection.

the second one? serious eye gunk issues. if you don't remember, take a look back here.

and this one? well, he has a cough (sign #1) and a few eye boogies (sign #2). turns out that the rash on his face and, um, nether regions is from the ear infection too. so we have antibiotics AND an ointment for this one.

pure craziness. but, as always, cayden's a trooper...

latest on the house front

we saw two more houses last night. originally, we were supposed to see four. but, one had a contract on it and another had been withdrawn the day before. ugh. story of our lives at the moment. of the two we saw last night, one might work.


it's cute. and it has personality. but ALL of the carpet would need to be replaced (seriously, i saw four different types of carpet in there and none were in great shape). and the master bath would need a serious overhaul. and, while we're at it, a couple of walls would probably be knocked out. the kitchen would be redone. and we're thinking the upstairs would need a couple of skylights to make it seem a little less claustrophobic. it's listed for a pretty hefty price, so we'd have to negotiate a much lower price to make up for all the work it needs.

we have about seven houses lined up to see on saturday. maybe one of those would speak to us AND not need a ton of work. we'll see...

February 3, 2010

house hunters

jeremy and i went looking for houses yesterday afternoon. the shortest we stayed in one? about a minute. yeah, the floors were buckled and there was mold in the garage. no thanks. we did come out with some potentials though.

the {MAX & BEAU}

this house is a short sale. and we need a house quick. so we might have to find in between housing if we go this route. it's a great house though and probably marked way below market value. it needs some tlc for sure. paint in every room and new fixtures throughout. and the kitchen is ghetto. some cabinets still have their knobs, some have a different knob, and some have no knobs. the pictures show it in pristine condition... but don't let them fool you. either way, it's a nice-sized home for a good price. pretty sure it's at the top of our list at the moment.


still under construction. forty days to finish. the pros? we could choose our finishes. the cons? we're not in love with the neighborhood. it's only two streets. and there are some sketchy looking trailer homes around it (not that there's anything wrong with trailer homes, but you guys would understand if you saw). still a contender though.


we call it that lovingly. and only because we didn't get to see it yesterday because the owners declared it "too dirty." we'll be taking a peek at it this weekend. and if the photos don't lie, it looks like it could be in the running.

who knew this would be so tiring? we saw five homes yesterday and came back with one potential. ONE! that's crazy talk. but, it is all very exciting too... hoping to put an offer in on one of the above over the weekend or early next week.

speaking of, anyone out there dealt with a short sale before? any advice? thanks again for all the well wishes in this process. we certainly need it!

February 1, 2010

sold! (well, almost)

... we officially have a contract on our house! fingers crossed that the appraisal and inspection go perfectly smooth. oh, and that we find ourselves a new home. before, you know, february 26. gah!

i have to make a list. or many lists. doh, and packing. must. start. soon. i dread the kitchen.

we're hoping to find our new house by this weekend. wish us luck!
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