December 15, 2010

{not so} wordless wednesday: busy, busy

guys? i've been the worst at updating the blog lately. i know this. you know this. we all know this. & i apologize. things have been super crazy with the holidays and travel and whatnot. and well, other things have kept me a little bit busy too.

things like chasing around a one and a half year old (toddler mamas, i think we can all agree that this alone tires one out, right?). and we've had a sick cat who still happens to be at the vet this morning. (we think it's just a uti, so nothing really serious, but still, it's a mess to deal with.)

but i would guess the biggest thing that's kept me busy (and no, it's not the shop. but hoping to change that soon.) would be the whole growing a baby thing. pause. rewind. read that sentence again. yes! i'm pregnant. cayden will be a big brother next summer and we couldn't be more excited! sure, cayden really has no idea what that means yet, but he will soon enough!

we had an appointment this past friday to check for a heartbeat. it seems i have a tilted uterus, so rather than make us wait another four weeks to hear the heartbeat, they squeezed us in for an ultrasound. (already? this kiddo is taking after big brother. the exact same thing happened with cayden!) so we got to see lil bit. and lil bit? is a wiggle-worm. with a heart rate of 171 at the moment.

words can't even describe how excited we are! oh, and for those interested, i'm 12 weeks today. and keeping this secret since we found out at 5 weeks? has. been. torture. which may explain the lack of blogging. but now that it's out in the open? more blogging should be able to happen without worry of me letting our secret out. cause, duh, cat's out of the bag now...

and it wouldn't be a {not so} wordless wednesday without a photo:
lil bit

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