November 23, 2010

eighteen months


sweetest cayden,
you are a jibbering-jabbering fool lately! we say a new word, and you immediately repeat it. you might forget the same word in the next five minutes, but it's still adorable while you repeat it over and over for a little bit. your language seems to be exploding, and it's most likely only a matter of time before the made-up sentences turn into real words.

you have a mouth full of teeth (16!) at the moment. and while we were at your check-up yesterday, we got to see that all your two year molars are swollen, so it's only a matter of time before those start making their way in too.

you are getting much better at communicating with us. when you're hungry, you now sign and say "eat! eat!" and while most people don't care to know this, when you're poopy, you point at your rear end and say "poopy, poopy." which i suppose is the beginning signs that we might need to start thinking about potty training (yikes!).

you love exploring everything. from climbing into small spaces that you barely fit, to climbing things that are ten times larger than you are. and? just yesterday you finally jumped! i mean, your feet barely left the ground, but your daddy and i heard them both slap back down when you hit the ground. perhaps we were a little over-excited about this, but you've been trying to jump for months... so we were very happy for you!

we continue to be amazed and overjoyed with you. your personality has exploded over the last month and we love seeing what new thing you'll bring us each day.

18-month stats:
{weight} 24 pounds, 8 ounces
{height} 33.50 inches
{head} still large

the coolest thing? you only had one shot yesterday – a flu shot... and we don't have to go back to see dr. c until you're two (fingers crossed that we have no sicknesses in between).

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