October 4, 2010

{tailgating} tuscaloosa, al

walking onto campus

and to think that i was worried about this game! ha! honestly though? i think florida pretty much killed themselves. i mean, plenty of opportunities to score, but they didn't carry through. and for that? i'm very thankful!

jeremy & becca

we didn't actually attend the game, but with tuscaloosa only being an hour away, it's easy to tailgate and still make it home for the game (hello private bathrooms and sofas!).

stephen, becca, jeremy & cayden

the day was gorgeous. nice and clear with no humidity. there was, however, still plenty of heat. but not unbearable heat, so i'll take it.

stupid pose, but look at the shirt i made! cayden rocking out his shirt

i made myself and cayden shirts just for the day. neither of us is looking too great in these photos. bad shot of me. and the little dude? was dancing with the bottle opener from the cooler so he wouldn't stand still. but you get the gist, no?

mike, nick, cayden & becca

we ran into several friends while there. some we'd recently seen... and some we hadn't see in quite some time. overall? the day was full of awesome. if you want to see more photos from the day, just hop on over to my flickr page and view away...

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