October 16, 2010

steppin' out saturday

my friend mandy over at harper's happenings has started a fun saturday blog link-up. it's simple really – just take a photo of what you, your significant other, your kid (seriously, anyone!) are wearing, post that photo, and then tell people a little about your outfit. this week? i decided it was time for us to participate. so, without further ado, mine and cayden's steppin' out premiere:


halloween t-shirt: target
cute toddler jeans: old navy (hand-me-downs from cousin ethan!)
one-star sneakers: target

floral thermal: target
denim jeggings: target
gray boots: target

hmmm... i think someone might have a slight obsession with target. but just a little one. ok, that's not right. a HUGE obsession with target. i'm working on it. believe me.

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