October 11, 2010

race for the cure

Race For The Cure
can i mention that the guy that took this photo for us was australian? ::swoon::

we survived! but barely. the day? was absolutely gorgeous. it was also a record-breaking heat wave. even for alabama. seriously? in the 90s? i mean, it's freakin' october people. ugh. but again, we made it. us and about 14,998 other participants. yep, you read that right. 15,000 people registered for the race this year. amazing if you ask me!

not so amazing? the awful football game on saturday afternoon. i'm pretty sure you know the game i'm talking about, right? i looked at jeremy when it was over and said, "what do we do? we don't lose. i have no idea how to even comprehend this." i'm not a sore loser though. south carolina probably played the game of their life. and as much as i like to poke fun at mr. spurrier (i mean, watching visors fly is always a highlight of those games!), he was super-gracious at the end when he spoke to the reporter lady. bama screwed up. over and over again. just hoping it doesn't ruffle our feathers too much and that we can move on from this and still have a stellar season!

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