October 19, 2010

pumpkin patching

over the weekend, we went to tennessee to visit my parents. the cool thing? my in-laws were there visiting my sis-in-law, so we were all able to pumpkin patch together! we headed to gentry's farm. and it was fabulous. acres and acres of things to do and see. cayden could hardly wait to get through the entrance.


there were all sorts of things to discover: from tee-pees, to slides, to chickens, to whatever, this place had it. my favorite shot from the day? jeremy and cayden in this tee-pee together.


gentry's farm has been in operation for years. i can't remember exactly how long, but i want to say the sign at the house said 1849? seriously, the original house was gorgeous (and of course i have no photos of it). but the bricks that were used on the exterior were all made on the property. and to put that into perspective, it was a two-story house.


it was one of those days where we probably stayed longer than we should have. cayden got all sorts of grumpy. mostly because we wouldn't let him get in the pond that was on the property. i know, i know. we're awful parents for not letting him just walk right in... but whatevs. even though he got all grumpy, he was still adorable.


overall? a great experience. i was a little disappointed that all the pumpkins had already been removed from the actual patch and were grouped together in tents to be purchased. in my head there were great shots to be taken there in the patch. but i guess the awesomeness of the rest of the day kind of made up for it.

{and if this wasn't enough photos for you, more can be found here.}

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