October 4, 2010

{new} in the shop!


you guys? i am so excited to introduce a new item to the hugs & kisses shop. and all you cloth diaper mamas? get ready for your brain to explode!


i introduce the new {cloth diaper clutch}. created just for cloth diapers (cause let's face it, they're a little bulkier than 'sposies). they hold at least two cloth diapers – we use bum genius, so if you're cloths are slightly less bulky, it might hold three. it'll also hold a travel wipes case. or, if you use cloth wipes, it'll hold a couple of those as well.


the photos don't show it, but there's also a credit card size pocket on the interior. so you really could just throw a couple of your essentials in and this cute clutch is all you need! there are currently three listed in the shop at the moment! get one while they're here!

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