October 1, 2010

i have a couple of confessions

first up? i bought jeggings.

gasp! horror! shock!

i know, i know. the word alone makes my skin crawl. but y'all? they're like the most comfortable thing ever. and if my husband is any indication, they actually look kind of cute too. i got mine from target for $20... which is really a price that i can't argue with.

second confession of the day? i'm leaving etsy.

more gasp? more horror? more shock?

never fear, my friends! i'm only leaving etsy to go to big cartel. promise. so you can keep buying those hand-made goods for the itty bitties. there are several reasons i've switched shops, and if you're really curious (like can't sleep) as to why i'm switching over, then i'm open to sharing it with you... things will slowly start to show up over there more than at etsy and i'll continue to post updates here.

{the etsy site will stay open though and i'll still offer a few things from it. but for now, big cartel is the place to go to find your hugs & kisses designs stuff! for now, you can click the o&x button to the right OR the link in my menu bar to get to big cartel.}

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