October 15, 2010

good friday? why yes, yes it is.

seriously. this friday has been wonderful so far. not sure that it could get any better... but hey, there's still quite a few hours in the day, so i'll leave it open.

we have this award here at work called "park it forward." basically, the previous winner passes the award on to another individual. and this week? it was me! i get an up close and personal parking space for all next week. and then i get to pass it on to someone else. it really made my day to get this, and some very sweet things were said about me. so fun!


then, while i was in a meeting this morning, someone "boo'd" me. apparently we have a new thing going on at work right now. i had a bag of sweet treats and now i have to "boo" two more people. pretty cool, and hey, chocolate!

and most recently, my friend beth and i were able to meet lisa leonard! she was having a meet and greet at a gallery here in birmingham. she's just as cute in person and seems very gracious. i felt a little star-struck. i mean, she's a big-time blogger/crafter... someone i could only aspire to be. and she has this gorgeous little family. if you don't read her blog, you should. it's moving. and beautiful.

Becca & Beth

Lisa, Becca & Beth

and one day? i'll own this necklace (obviously, with different names). but only when we're finished having itty bitties and i can get all their names done at once. cause it's simply divine. so perfect in every little way.

thanks for coming to the south, lisa. we really enjoyed getting to meet you!

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