September 1, 2010

working wednesday: bonus room

how the bonus room looked shortly after we moved in

and so it begins. the bonus room makeover. also lovingly known as the hugs & kisses designs studio. the soon to be movie room. the playroom. the exercise room. and well, i think you get it. it's an everything type of room. and it's going to be lovely.

i'm going to take the next few wednesdays (it might be a couple of weeks. or it might be a couple of months.) to show you the progress in this room. we're taking it in steps, so why shouldn't i share it with you guys in steps too?

everything shoved to the center of the room so we can get our paint on!

up first? painting the ceiling. as you see, the ceiling slopes way down. because of that (and the fact that the ceiling and walls are all one color), both jeremy and i have inadvertently run our heads into the ceiling. and because the space isn't super huge, we've decided to paint it a nice, crisp white. we need to distinguish between the ceiling and the wall. so even when our depth perception might be off, we at least realize we're about to run into the ceiling.

i know. it seems boring. but the finished product in my head? it's going to look absolutely stunning. you'll see. so check back next wednesday to check out our ceiling painting skills. i'm sure we'll wow you. or not.

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