September 29, 2010

working wednesday: bonus room update


and i'm back with working wednesday! (sorry for skipping last week's post; i didn't have time to take photos or pick up. not that anyone really missed it... but i digress...)


today's feature is the entertainment area. we purchased some shelving units from target and arranged them how we needed them to create our own version of an entertainment center. they're perfect for storing our dvds on one side, and on the other side? fabric!


and those cute little black totes? yeah, they hold even more crafting materials that just didn't look as pretty sitting on a shelf. (yes, i'm giving you a small peek into my unorganized side! pretty messy, huh? and honestly, it does drive me nuts that things are just thrown in some of those totes, but i guess that's how it has to be sometimes.)


when this room becomes a full-time entertainment room, we do plan on upgrading the size of the tv just a bit and mounting it on the wall. and this all sits across from where our sofa will go. i love the look of these shelves against our gray walls. and the fabric and dvds add a nice pop of color!

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