September 15, 2010

working wednesday: bonus room update

we're closing in on our big reveal for the bonus room. except it won't really be a big reveal because we don't really have the funds to totally complete the room yet. we do have plans to get a sofa sleeper so that we'll always have room for guests to spend the night. (it's this sofa, if you're curious. or if, you know, you want to buy it for us.)

but i digress! on to this week's update: my sewing area! ah, yes, no longer sewing on the floor. and let me just tell you how good that feels. (really good.) and thankfully? i'll no longer have a hunchback from working on the floor. which is all good in my book.

we purchased this desk and chair from ikea. the desk was super easy to put together (i did it by myself), and looked even better in the room than i thought it would. i had originally thought i'd get a chair with stable legs, but when i saw i could "upgrade" to the rolling/swivel chair for $5 more, um, yes please. i mean, i can't really use the rolling part on the carpet, but the swivel part? swoon, i'm in love.

i also got these great storage containers from ikea (& i totally borrowed the idea from iheart organizing – oh, how i love her site). they're a little too shallow for my scissors, which is what i really wanted them for, but that's ok. they hold a ton of other things. & for now, my scissors are housed in one of the drawers, but i plan to make them more accessible somehow.

i plan to accessorize a little bit more in this area. maybe a floating shelf area above the sewing machine to house little colorful knick-knacks. or maybe a print or two. and oh, what's that? you like the two bags currently sitting on the desk? the one in the back i made for myself (gasp! i know, i'm not selling it!) to use for traveling and whatnot. the one in the front? well, it's the first step in my new (requested) zipper clutches. isn't it cute? expect to see them in the shop in the next couple of weeks. and they can be used for anything too! by the way, would you rather see them with a flat bottom (so they stand up on their own – as pictured), or with a non-flat bottom (won't stand up on its own)?

the great thing about this desk? it has storage! it's designed for computers, so normally the tower would fit nicely into the cabinet. but it's perfect for holding most of my shipping supplies. (and yes, there's a ton in there. you can't really order a small amount when ordering from uline. but their prices are too great to pass up.) either way, all of these were sitting on open shelves and it looked so messy. i'm glad to get them out of site.

just a couple more things to show you in here and then maybe we'll be able to move on to another room!

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