September 8, 2010

working wednesday: bonus room update

jeremy throwing a second coat of white on the ceiling

and we're back with the next update on the bonus room. if you're looking for the first part, you can click here. it's basically a recap of what we started with. and honestly? i didn't think we were starting with anything too bad. until we painted. and now? jeremy and i both are ready to paint the entire house and get the dark, mundane colors out of there. but you know, there's that little thing called money. so one room at a time we go.

i mentioned how we needed to paint the ceiling because all of the walls were the same color. because the ceiling is sloped, i was thinking it would be no big deal painting it. wrong. it used all sorts of muscles in my arms and back that i obviously never use. but oh, it was so worth it. our nice, crisp white ceiling is like a dream now.

after the ceiling was painted, we moved on to walls. (we did this in case we dripped white paint down the walls. fortunately for us, we didn't drip white paint anywhere. let's not talk about dripped wall paint though, ok? deal.)

we are thrilled with the color up here

we picked out this perfect silver/gray color (repose gray/SW7015). jeremy started with the trim (i do the rolling because i have no steady hand to speak of). the color going up? was not so good. with the slope of the ceiling in natural light, our silver color and our ceiling were the same color. doh! (no worries though, we plan to use the original wall color in our front bedroom. whew!)

loving the way the white shelves contrast against the gray wall

back to sherwin williams! we just slid one shade darker (mindful gray/SW7016) from the color we had originally picked, and ta-da! it worked brilliantly. perfect amount of contrast against the ceilings. and a great color to help modernize the space. (not to mention we have paint for another room now, too!)

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