September 20, 2010

sixteen months


sixteen months? wow. i don't even know where to begin. it's just so completely awesome. and i'm not even entirely sure that awesome is the right word here...


... um, yeah, all of those words could easily describe you at this age, our dear cayden. you are interested in every single little thing that crosses your path. and it's so very cool to see you able to explore these things on your own. but also terrifying. terrifying because wow, that step-ladder is so cool, and it's so cool that you can climb it... but omg, do you realize what will happen when you reach the top and lose your balance? of course you don't. you have no fear. and so we let you explore (while keeping an eye on you) so that you can find your independence. and so that you can be proud of yourself, turn around and find mama & daddy with that proud grin. & then clap for yourself.

yeah, it's pretty awesome.

it's also so cool that things we've been signing to you for months? you decide you know them. all of a sudden, when we say, "say thank you." not only do you say it (with real words!) you also sign it. and it causes both mama and daddy's jaw to drop because, really? did he just do what we think he did? yep, of course he did.

you know so many more words now. and you're constantly trying to form sentences of some sort. we're still not entirely sure what language you're using, but we know you're saying something.

and so we keep on this journey... always in awe of what you are. and of what you are becoming. love you to pieces, sweet boy.

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