September 14, 2010

the lake, part 1

blog readers, meet stephen. stephen, meet blog readers.

stephen is one of my very best friends from college. and because his parents are super-cool, they let us borrow the lake house every so often. and i'm so glad. it's this great place tucked away on logan martin lake. we bring all our food and drinks and just have a grand 'ole time.

relaxing and manning the boat

on friday afternoon, we took a ride on the pontoon. it was cayden's first time on a boat (ever!) and to say that he loved it might be an understatement. little dude even got to drive the boat! and while he wasn't driving, he was chilling in his own seat. or, walking around. which was funny and sad to watch all at the same time. funny, cause well, he kept falling if the boat lurched. and sad, well, for the same reasons listed in the previous statement.

enjoying the peace on the water

we have big dreams to have a lake house of our own one day. and we'll most definitely have a boat of some kind. it may be the kind you have to paddle around, but whatevs. we love the water.

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