September 2, 2010

jammie time

ok, so i realize i've been a little heavy on videos lately. but it's just that he does so many cool things now that a photo just doesn't show. so stick with me through this video phase. i promise, more photos to come.

every night, cayden gets treated to the "jammie time" song. which is really more of a rap/beatbox type thing? i don't know. jeremy and i started it when cayden was itty bitty and it's progressed as he's gotten older. and yes, we quite obviously made up the lyrics. (you can kind of hear jeremy in the background "singing" it.)

last night, i asked cayden if he was ready for jammie time. he slammed the book closed that we were looking at and grabbed his two favorite stuffed animals. and then? magic. check out the mad dancing skills. (and since i couldn't pick which video to share, you're getting both. you're welcome!)

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