September 3, 2010

football season is upon us

we taught him to say "roll tide." he says "rol dide!" adorable.

and we sent cayden off to school in his first game day outfit! (courtesy of aunt jodi, uncle jason & balin. and created by tracy of miss baker stitches) just for fun, should we take a look at how his first school game day outfit looked last year?

i mean, who can't help but smile at this series? (even if you are an auburn fan!)

um, oh my. he couldn't look any more different! gone is the baby and hello to the toddler! it does go too fast, doesn't it? & a big roll tide to my alma mater who kicks off the season tomorrow night. yay fall(ish) weather & football season.

is this anyone else's favorite season? cause i know it can't be just me.

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