September 8, 2010

custom orders

ok, so it's no big surprise that i love working on hugs & kisses orders. and it should probably come as no surprise that i love working on CUSTOM orders for people just as much. i've had a couple of custom orders lately that have just been a ton of fun, so i thought i'd share them with you.

are the santa hats not the most ridiculous, cutest thing ever?

a couple of months back, i had a customer request a pet silhouette with her dog and three cats. i have such a soft spot in my heart for pets (and animals of any kind really), so i was thrilled to have a chance to work on this for her. and then just a couple of weeks ago? she emailed me and asked if i would be able to turn that piece of artwork into something that she could use for a holiday card. um, yes! it's such a unique idea that it made it even more fun to work on!

love how this looks framed with a mat!

then my twitter/blog friend nicci messaged me about a custom order. she wanted one of the wedding date pieces of artwork – no big deal (these are also a lot of fun to work on for some strange reason too). not only did she want the artwork, she also wanted me to frame it and ship it off to the newly married couple. i mean, really, how cool will it be for this new couple to open this one of a kind gift from their friends? very cool indeed.

and, most recently, i've had a girl contact me about more pet silhouettes. this time? she wants to do them as gifts for her bridesmaids! um, blown away by the creative use there. i mean, my bridesmaids? i bought them shoes (to wear in the wedding) and like, bubble bath or something? but a silhouette of their beloved pets? this is something they'll have forever. and i think that's pretty awesome.

so honestly, if you're looking for something custom, please don't be afraid to ask for it. bring it on!

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