September 27, 2010

the curls? are gone.


but they'll be back! promise! we took cayden for his first haircut last week. and he did wonderfully. the worst part for him? being sprayed with water. i mean, really, for him to be SUCH a water baby, he completely hates for his head to get wet. i just don't get it, but whatevs.


he sat in jeremy's lap because we knew that cayden sitting by himself would never happen. hello wiggle-worm! and even then, we had to keep distracting him with certain things just to hold his attention for a little bit longer. (oh, look, a mirror! oh, look, a hairclip! you get my point.)


tim (our stylist) was awesome with him. snipping away as fast as he could while cayden would turn this way and that. everyone came out unscathed (as i figured someone would get snipped with some scissors by the end of it)... and our baby looks like a little boy. oh, and as for the curls? his hair is still not stick-straight; it's got a nice texture to it... but the curls don't flip out anymore. we'll get them back though. don't you worry.

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