August 9, 2010

weekend fun

i'm just gonna lay it out there. teething? sucks. a lot. cayden's usually a happy-go-lucky sort of guy. but this weekend was an entirely different story.

(part of that may have had a little something to do with us shoving shoes on his feet that were a size too small. but that's another post for another day. promise. and we didn't do it on purpose. we're usually not that mean! usually.)

but anyway, random fits all weekend. waking up before six (he usually sleeps until about 6:30ish). and the diapers. omg. the diapers. liquid poop is normal, yes? so is drool stringing down one's chest, right? ugh. one of his molars has cut through. two of them are now fighting their way through. and it's a big 'ol mess.

oh, and napping on mama? never happens. but when he woke from his nap for like, the fifth time yesterday, i cuddled him and he was out again for the count. (i'll admit, i soaked up every sweaty moment of that. it never happens anymore, and i'll take what i can get.)

we actually had to wash the teddy bear this weekend because it smelt like mouth. gross. and we've also let him chew on the pacifiers again. i honestly thought we were done with them. but i can only imagine what his poor little mouth feels like, so we let him have it.

i'm ready for teething to be over. unfortunately, we only have nine teeth at the moment. so i'm guessing we have a ways to go yet.

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