August 12, 2010

our boy is growing

pretty cute, right?

i mean, duh, he's obviously not shrinking. but one area that jeremy and i didn't really think about? his feet. sure, it makes sense that the bigger he gets, the bigger his feet are going to get. but this mama and daddy didn't really think about it.

cause you see, on saturday, we went to eat breakfast at chick-fil-a. (wait, let's back up just a bit. we put him in some cute shoes that he hadn't worn in a while. only because they make his feet really smelly. like, s-t-i-n-k-y!) ok, back to the food. we were about to leave, cayden's walking across the restaurant and he trips over his feet and lands on his bum. no big deal. usually. this day? he threw a fit. in the middle of chick-fil-a. where everyone turned to look at us.

and, cue quick exit.

he was fine once we got to the car, so we decided to brave our grocery stop as well. all was fine, and then about half-way through, cayden got tired of riding in the cart (hey, it happens). jeremy got him out and put him down so he could walk around. instant fit.

we were both totally weirded out. cayden cries, but he doesn't cry like this. jeremy picks him up and for some miraculous reason, thinks about his shoes. we take those puppies off, and you could almost hear his feet singing! the shoes? about a size too small. his poor little pinkie toe was smushed and all five toes on both feet were bright red.

target to the rescue! cayden's now a proud owner of some flip-flops and his first part of one-stars (all-stars to be purchased when we know his feet will be in them longer than six months.) oh, and our almost 15 month old? wears a size 5 toddler now. craziness.

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