August 11, 2010

a not so wordless wednesday

i needed a decent shot of me for the interview, so jeremy and i had a quick photoshoot

you guys, a couple of weeks ago, i was contacted by caitlin (of martha stewart's dreamers into doers) to see if i'd like to be featured as "doer of the week." i mean, do you really say no to something like that? yeah, i think not.

i'm so honored to be featured for the next week. & also incredibly nervous about it as it shows how awful i am at interviews. it does, however, showcase how well i can ramble. and not really answer the question that was asked. but you know, i'm just cool like that. or stupid. or whatever.

either way, i'm thrilled to be a part of this site and i'm meeting a lot of other crafty women through it. and hey, if it helps boost the shop, i'm all for it!

thanking my lucky stars above that i'm being "seen." and also thanking the good lord up above.


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