August 3, 2010

new etsy item - mini-pouches!

you guys? i'm really excited about these little pouches. i'm hoping to have them listed by the weekend. (there are nine to be listed. nine!) they're a great little size at about four inches wide by five-ish inches tall. and not only are the outside fabrics adorable, they're also lined with an equally adorable contrasting fabric.

i made one for myself to hold my digital point and click cause i'm always losing it in my purse. but, these are great for those lost pacifiers (cause goodness knows that when you need one, you need to be able to find it quickly). they'll also keep all your diaper creams in one place in the diaper bag (surely we're not the only people that have multiple creams, right?). if you need a cute place to hold some ibuprofen or benadryl (generic, of course), then these little pouches will do it perfectly and keep them all in one place. look for them in the shop soon.

(& no worries, i'll let you know when they're there!)

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