August 13, 2010

a little something to get you through the weekend...

just testing out the new shoes – the white ankle socks? kill me.

... because there won't be any postings this weekend. that's for sure. why you ask? cause my mama is coming into town and we plan on soaking up every moment we can with her. (my poor daddy; he has to stay home and work. boo to working on weekends!)

we plan to do a little shopping, a lot of eating & i'm pretty sure that nana plans on snuggling up with mr. cayden as much as he'll allow her to. and i'm hoping he'll show her his brand new trick of giving kisses. before this week? we pretty much had to steal them. or at least give each other a kiss before he would give us one. but now? i just say that i need some kisses! and he'll come walking toward me, mouth wide open. (we still need to work on that part just a bit.) sweetest. thing. ever.

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