August 20, 2010

happy 15 monthday! (that's one year, three months for some of you)

today our kiddo is 15 months old. which means another doctor check-up coming next wednesday. & all morning i thought the 20th was tomorrow. until i signed cayden in for daycare. and well, hello! so we'll celebrate tonight. how? i don't know. maybe we'll celebrate tomorrow anyway. with a milkshake. yum.

but i digress. see that horn up there? it's technically a vuvuzela. and unless you've all been hiding under a rock somewhere, i know you know what that is. picture this: roughly 75ish people, in a semi-small dining room – and all of those people are blowing these at the same time.

yeah, it was loud. it was also our company's annual meeting.

what? your company doesn't toot their own horns? i bet you're going to say that your company's annual meeting doesn't open with a break-dancing gorilla either? i'm serious. it was kind of freakin' awesome to say the least.

either way, i came out with a vuvuzela that cayden kind of, sort of loves. as you can see, he just shoves the whole thing in his mouth and then talks through it. so it sounds a little bit right. but it's mostly wrong. and hilarious.

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