August 25, 2010

fifteen month check-up

big boy sitting on the exam table

it was a pretty uneventful check-up. for us at least. (cayden might have something different to say with the whole shots things being involved. but whatever.) we impressed dr. c with pointing to our nose; cayden points to his nose and says, "noma." so we're pretty sure he's combining nose and mouth together, but hey, if we ask where his nose is, he does point to it! so that's something, right? (as a note, he did used to say "nose"; not entirely sure when he decided to change that.)

anyway, most recent stats:
{weight} 23 pounds, 2 ounces
{height} 32 inches
{head} 19 inches

dr. c approximates cayden being between 5'10" or 5'11" – which is completely laughable to us. i mean, jeremy and i are only 5'6" ourselves, so having a child that tall seems unlikely. but if he is that tall, then yay for him!

next appointment (as long as we have no more ear infections): 18 months

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