August 31, 2010

everyone needs a daily dose of giggles

ever since i can remember, my dad used to do this weird claw hand and say "japanese claw" in this really weird voice. if my sister and i heard him saying that, we KNEW we were about to be tickled to death. (i'm sure the saying came from somewhere, but i honestly have no idea of the origin.)

and so that saying has stuck with me. and i've shared it with jeremy. and together, we have shared it with cayden. if he hears either of us say it, he'll stop and look for the hand. and then there's this fit of giggles because, yes, our child is ticklish. super-ticklish, even.

the best part of these giggle fits is when he tries to say "japanese claw" back to us. his voice gets all high-pitched and he says all this gibberish. but it's usually always the correct amount of syllables and he uses the same intonation that we use. i die.

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