August 17, 2010

pas de deux

with a chair. that's sliding across the doctor's office. oh, but yes, that is the doctor's office. that we had to visit on saturday morning. cayden had the eye boogers. which generally means an ear infection. but guess what? his ears? they looked perfect.

doctor: has anyone at school had pink eye?
jeremy: oh yeah. i forgot, so-and-so had a viral eye infection this week.
me: [shooting daggers at jeremy] you kind of forgot to mention that!

so, $30 later in eye drops (and it's got to be the smallest bottle of eye drops ever), we're now treating cayden for a slight eye infection. and it's mostly gone already, so i guess spending the money was kind of worth it. ok fine, it was totally worth it so our little guy didn't have gross boogers coming out of his eyes any more.

but, man, his dance moves? they're pretty rad, right? right now cayden loves to dance to any sort of music that he hears. (btw, i added the music to this video; it was entirely too quiet otherwise.)

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