August 24, 2010


not much of a girly-girl, but LOVE the use of pink in her logo

a couple of weeks ago, jeremy and i were watching the cupcake wars on food network. and surprise! one of the contestants was from franklin! we immediately googled her shop to see exactly where it was and made a promise to each other that the next time we were in tennessee, we would go visit her shop – ivey cake.

and go, we did.

it's this tiny little place, but that apparently doesn't effect the work they do there. i should've taken a photo of the display, but i didn't think about it. and i only had my phone to take photos with (so i apologize for their grittiness). not that it really matters; photos would never do these cupcakes justice.

if you think they look good, you need to try one!

we got quite the assortment. i decided to go for the strawberry (um, yum!). jeremy and cayden ate some chocolate-peanut butter goodness. mom had red velvet. dad had the "i do!" (made for carrie underwood's wedding). and my grandmother? well, she devoured some sort of double chocolate something-or-other – as in, there wasn't a crumb left on her plate!

if you're ever in franklin, you should definitely drop by. i hear there are different choices on different days (or maybe there would've been more choices if we had gotten there earlier?)... we heard the words banana nut and carrot cake mentioned by some people. um, yes please!

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