July 13, 2010

trying to find time

proud to have figured out that zipper thing

first? my newest sewing exploration! it's a wet bag. perfect for soiled cloth diapers. & if you don't cloth diaper? perfect for wet swimsuits in a suitcase. or for soiled clothes while out running errands. this particular size is small enough (at about 10 by 10 inches) that you could even use it for a lunch bag. but honestly? that material is just a little too cute to stick in those work refrigerators cause they get pretty nasty.

the problem i'm having is finding time to sew more of these lovely bags. and that is because i have no schedule in the evenings. which must change so that i can make the most of my time. & that also has to include exercising cause this mama has got to get things in gear. i'm falling apart!

here's what i'm hoping to get my afternoon routine to look like:
6ish > get home
6-6:30ish > go for walk/run around the 'hood with jeremy & cayden
6:30-7ish > eat dinner
7-7:30ish > playtime/bathtime
7:30ish > bedtime for cayden
7:30-8 > jillian michaels 30 day shred
8-10ish > sew?

i mean, is that even doable? or should i not worry about an afternoon schedule? advice? tell me i'm crazy? anything?

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