July 23, 2010

six cats

yep. six cats. that would be the amount that we have in our home. yeah, i know. it's a lot. but there's a story, you see. before jeremy and i were married, i had two: jade and nya. and jeremy had one: storm. we get married. and we have three cats.

should be end of story. but it's not.

fast forward a year or so, and we're at our local pet shop where they're having adoption day. and well, whisper kind of fell into our laps. we didn't NEED another cat, but we felt like he needed us. and it didn't hurt that he was absolutely gorgeous either.

cats number five and six... kind of adopted us. they were strays in our neighborhood. we fed them. they stayed. end of story. ringu and xedo were outside cats so no big deal. well, until xedo got into some poison and became an inside cat. (he's got lesions on his brain and can't walk in a straight line. if we'd kept him outside, he'd most likely be gone by now. no way to defend himself and whatnot.) so, then we moved, and tried putting ringu back outside. she simply won't have it.

so now all six are indoor cats. and that's fine. cause they entertain us quite often.

they like to chase birds. on the tv screen.

and, if you tie a string to a fan blade and turn said fan on? literally hours of entertainment. hilarious!

and since most everyone visiting these links IS a pet lover, check out my pet silhouettes listed in the etsy shop! you might recognize one of those kitties as our xedo!

this is a blog hop! be sure to check out all the other great pets in the links below!

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