July 2, 2010

sandwiches? yeah, sandwiches.

see what happens when you give design nerds sandwiches to bring?

jeremy: "cayden has a 4th of july party on july 2. i signed us up for sandwiches."
me: gives jeremy the look
jeremy: "don't look at me that way. that was the last thing on the list."

really? sandwiches. i mean, how in the world do you make sandwiches 4th of july festive? i guess i could have colored something a mean blue or red. but how appetizing is that? yeah, it's not. so we settled for turkey and muenster sandwiches. fancy cheese!

and? target to the rescue! they had these cute little sandwich-size bags that came in? you guessed it! red & blue. jeremy got all excited about decorating them with iron-ons and everything. (mind you, this was last night. planning ahead here, right? um, no.) we get home with the bags and i pull them out. they feel pretty plastic-y to me.

me: "babe, i don't think we can use the iron on these."
jeremy: (takes bag and feels it) "sure we can. it's just like those cloth grocery bags we have."
me: "um, ok."

we've printed out our stars and i take the bags upstairs to start the ironing process. at 9. at night. i lay the first star on the bag, plop the iron down and make the first slide across the iron-on. except that the iron doesn't move. for real. it's stuck to the bag. that felt an awful lot like plastic.

yep, that bag is plastic

and now? we need a new iron. and we were short one bag. oh well. it was a learning experience for sure. and we laughed. and we were still giggling about our idiocy this morning. ah, good times.

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