July 30, 2010

new fabrics!

um, you guys? hawthorne threads is, like, the best fabric shop ever! not only do they have tons and tons of beautiful things to browse through, but their prices are pretty much unbeatable. and can i tell you that i placed an order on tuesday afternoon (for five and a half yards of different fabrics, no less) and that i got my order yesterday? that's like day and a half shipping.

i'm. in. love.

and the fabrics i got are to die for. i can't wait to start making more diaper clutches, more wet bags and more bibs. and also? a new little item. for your purse or diaper bag. it's a small pouch that can hold pacifiers. or diaper creams/medicine. or, you know, if you're like me and need your point and click with you AT ALL TIMES, it should slide into this pouch too. and without a doubt, some of these little pouches will match the other pieces. so you should probably just buy one of everything.

oh, and moddiapercakes was so very kind to feature one of my wet bags in a purple treasury! check out all the cool little purple things. i'm loving that elephant for sure.

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