July 24, 2010

in the garden

picking beans, helping daddy & trying out cucumber - straight from the garden

cayden's granna and poppa have a nice little garden in their yard. jeremy took cayden up to visit while i stayed home and had a girls night a couple of weekends ago. jeremy left his camera there, so we're just now getting these photos, and they're just so cute not to share!

possibly one of my favorites of all time

from the sounds of it, cayden had a great time visiting. granna had made him some cupcakes because she knows how much he loves them. and while you have your shirt off to eat some cupcakes, you may as well, you know, play in all the tupperware!

really enjoying this fort thing!

and granna and poppa have the BEST couches for making forts! two couches equals lots of pillows. i'm thinking we need a couch without all the pillows attached just for this very thing! (he got to enjoy a pillow fort at nana and pop's with his cousin ethan once, too!)

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