July 16, 2010

helping daddy


our dishwasher is currently unavailable. as in, the last time we used it, the water didn't drain out properly. jeremy called the "people" on monday and they can't get out to see us until next tuesday. so things are happening the old-fashioned way at our house at the moment. & as two people who haven't hand-washed dishes in um, forever, this is quite an ordeal.

when i got home from work yesterday afternoon, i got my usual afternoon hug from cayden. & he's pretty wet.

me: "why is he wet?"
j: "oh, i forgot. look at these photos."

and well, these photos are just too cute and completely make up for the fact that cayden was wet. cause see, he was helping to wash his own cups. (after jeremy had washed them first.)

::swoon:: so in love. with both of my boys.

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