July 6, 2010

fourth of july

getting ready to watch the fireworks

we had a terrific long holiday weekend. we drove up to tennessee on saturday morning and didn't get back until yesterday evening. lots of family time. & watching all the kids interact together was awesome. we went to see eclipse (it's the first time i've paid for it, mind you) and i got completely pissed off that they were still showing the paranormal activity 2 trailer. not cool.

but how good does the new narnia and harry potter look? gah! so excited!

jeremy let cayden pick out one firework – oh, look, it has a ball on it

some other weekend highlights include:
• playing at the pool
• eating cupcakes at my grandmother's house (that's a whole other series of photos right there!)
• buying fireworks
• eating some crazy-good home-cooked and home-grown vegetables (hello hyphens!)
• watching ellis poop on justin's foot (oh, come on! it was seriously funny!)

sparkler fun & ethan throwing his to the ground

• having ethan throw his sparkler in the grass because it "burned him" (it didn't)
• watching all the kids in awe of the fireworks
• hearing cayden say "woah" for the first time because we all did (his is much cuter)
• loving my little guy throwing his head back every time a new firework took off for the sky

one happy mama with her baby

• trying to console lily (the older dog who's terrified of fireworks)
• just being around family and enjoying this holiday for the second time in a row

we're all hoping my parents will be back in alabama sometime next year. but if they're not, i know where we'll most likely all go for the fourth again. i mean, you can't beat great fireworks from their back porch. & no traffic. it's perfect, really.

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