July 28, 2010

for the love of all things ketchup

doesn't everyone eat like this?

this kid takes after his daddy. loves ketchup. LOVES IT. sure, he might have chicken fingers and fries to dip in it, but what does he dip? his finger. always his finger. unless we put all his food on the pile of ketchup, he'll sit there and just dip his finger.

another thing he's doing right now (you'll see it at about 12 seconds in), pulling his food forward in his mouth and chewing with his front teeth. & for some reason it causes this hilarious thing to happen with his mouth and eyebrows.

to sum things up: if you're ever at our house and have a pile of ketchup on your plate, watch out for our kids fingers. cause they'll be in it. (oh, and in retrospect, buying a white high chair may have been a bad idea. cleaning ketchup off it? not so much fun.)

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