July 1, 2010

eclipse & girlfriends

me and several of my girlfriends from work ventured out to the theatre last night. to see what else? eclipse. these girls are some fun company and we had a really great time. we behaved like teenagers (not overly annoying, but overly tweeting, photographing and giggling). at least we didn't walk in like that one group of middle-aged women wearing their "team" shirts. or, you know, we weren't a 50ish year old woman going around and asking people what team they were. and then lecturing said people on how they should be more like edward and treat their wives more like bella. no lie. there was a lady doing this. it's, um, fiction lady.

tara, beth & me w/our cups. & mj, who decided she was team cookies. & whitney hiding in backgrounds.

eclipse though? actually pretty decent. no awards coming their way, mind you (and mtv does not count), but definitely the best of them so far. the screenplay was much better written. & it seemed as though the actors had some better direction (again, still not brilliant). overall? i really enjoyed it. i had a few problems with some of the details but won't go into it in case someone is reading that wants to see it and hasn't.

team edward. all. the. way. he sparkles, ya know?

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