July 14, 2010

eating a little food

i luvs the chik'n nuggets!

we tried chik'n nuggets with cayden last night. to say that he kind of loved them would be an understatement. & the bright green peas? just like corn: one. at. a. time.

the funny thing though? every single time that he would take a bite of his nugget, he would sit it beside his plate. not on it. this photo shows the closest to the plate it got. otherwise, it sat off in lalaland until i put it back on his plate. then he'd see it again. and ta-da, the process started over.

we gave him a fork to try out last night too. he understands it, he really does. he just doesn't get how to use it. he'd pick up a single pea in one hand, the fork in the other. then he would (pretend) place the pea on the fork and then just stuff the pea in his mouth. sometimes he followed that move with the fork, but most times not. so he understands it. but he doesn't get it.

we were cracking up. repeatedly.

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