July 6, 2010

date night

on our way to meet friends & sadly, the only photo from the night

on saturday evening, my parents watched cayden while we went out meet up with some friends in nashville at the flying saucer. i wish i had more photos from the evening to share.

they would've included photos of lee beth's apartment. she lives in the icon. which has to be one of the coolest buildings i've ever been in. super modern interiors. plus two gyms. and two pools. one of which is on the ninth floor rooftop which has an incredible view of downtown nashville. gorgeous. and she saw gwyneth paltrow doing yoga in one of the workout rooms one time. which means that chris martin wasn't far behind.

but i digress. every time we go back to nashville, i want to move there. it's such a fun city with this vibrance for life that you can feel almost anywhere. downtown birmingham? yeah, it's lame. super lame compared to nashville. and while i could totally see myself living in lee beth's place, it's not a family home, you know? i mean, i guess we could stick cayden in one of the closets, but that's probably not the best way to go ...

... and then we get back to our home. in the middle of nowhere, alabama. and i fall in love with it all over again. but now? i'm ready to completely redecorate. who wants to help me pay for it?

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