July 7, 2010


don't even think about touching my cupcake

cayden has had a cupcake once in his life (ok, twice). and that was at his birthday party. which was maybe a month and a half ago? (as a side note, time, could you please slow down?) so i wouldn't think that he would necessarily remember what it was exactly.

there's another one. right. there.

these things are just so good!

anyway, his nana made red, white and blue cupcakes for the fourth. we had them over at my grandmother's house. nana plopped one down in front of cayden, and before his great aunt julie could get his t-shirt off, he'd grabbed the thing. icing side up. no worries, it seems as though he remembered exactly what that sugary goodness was.

lexie and ethan getting down with their cupcakes

the shirt was finally off and he dug in. quite literally. ethan and lexie enjoyed theirs too, but not with quite the same vigor as our little guy. when will cupcake photos stop being so fun? i'm hoping never.

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