July 20, 2010

14 months (one year, two months)

new to this world cayden

my dearest cayden -

fourteen months. fourteen months! when you get older and people tell you that time only gets faster the older you get, believe them, ok? cause it's true. these last fourteen months with you have flown by. and while i've loved every single minute of them, i truly wish that i could slow time down just a bit.

but i'm going to do what i can and just enjoy these precious moments with you. your little brain is really working hard. you're starting to understand and say more words. mama, dada, bye-bye, more, doc! (which is hot, but sound like doc) and ball are just a few that you've got mastered. your signing skills are awesome. i think "all done" is my favorite that you sign. mostly because you get kind of spastic with it. & just last night you added saying "more" to your signing. it's seriously just amazing watching you learning these things.

you've recently discovered that you're a monkey. seriously. i should climb these drums to get into the window sill where i could possibly climb onto that chair? sure! why not? you've also learned to climb down from things. which i presume means that it's only a matter of time before you master the leg swing and you'll be out of your crib. (btw, when do you convert those things?)

you give the best open-mouthed kisses i've ever seen. and you're back to blowing kisses like they're going out of style. you still don't say "hi!" to people. but you will say "bye-bye" and wave at them. even if you just met them.

you're a brave little guy. & show absolutely no fear of anything yet. which is good and bad. good because i don't want you to be afraid of things. but bad, because if we lose track of you for one second, you could be in some serious trouble.

you still love wrestling with daddy. & think it's hilarious to just fall on him with your entire body. no worries to what you might hit. on either of you. and you still give me the best "welcome home" hugs that have ever lived.

cayden, all this is to simply say that i love you. and i'm amazed by you. and i'm just so very grateful for this gift that has been given to us.

i could eat you to pieces, i love you so.

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